Complete Stucco Remediation
Services in West Chester

Protect your home with beauty and style

  • Eliminate Water Damage
  • Update Homes Exterior
  • Increase Homes Value
Is deteriorating stucco siding making you concerned about water damage or your home’s resale value decreasing?

With our stucco remediation services available throughout West Chester, you can say goodbye to aging stucco and hello to a beautiful, stylish, and weather-resistant home exterior!

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West Chester Stucco Remediation for
Long Term Protection

Premium Materials


We use James Hardie and other premium product lines - no more contractor grade materials.

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We go the extra mile with flashing to ensure no water gets into your home.

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It’s simple: When you have a stylish and quality home exterior, your home’s value in West Chester increases!

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We replace stucco on
Any Surface

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Block Walls & Basements

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Exterior Walls



What Makes
Choice Exteriors LLC Different?

• 6-year labor warranty on all our work
• James Hardie installer
• Prompt communication from day 1
• Timely and clean work crews
• Fully licensed and insured
• We pass along all manufacturer’s warranties

Our team works hard to exceed expectations – not simply meet them!

“These guys did a complete roof job in one day. Looks great. Very competitive pricing. Easy to work with. Would recommend them for anyone looking to get an honest quote on an aging roof.”


We make Stucco Replacement Simple
in West Chester


Schedule An Estimate

We evaluate the project and provide an initial quote.


Sign the Contract

When the details are finalized, sign the contract to start the project.


We do the work

From scheduling, to parts ordering, to actually doing the renovation - we take care of everything!


Love your brand-new space!

Love having a new home exterior that brings beauty and value.

Stucco Remediation FAQ's

What does “stucco remediation” mean?

This means you will have your stucco completely removed, along with any damaged or rotten framing, and a new siding product installed in its place.

What can happen if stucco isn’t properly replaced or repaired?

This could lead to water and moisture intrusion without you knowing it. Poor flashing around the windows cold lead to water inside the home and leaving wet stains on the drywall.

What is the main problem with stucco?

It’s poor ability to have proper flashing, primarily around windows and doors.

What is removed for stucco remediation, and what replaces the stucco?

The stucco will be removed to the foundation level, repairs will be made as needed to the framing, and then new siding or stone replaces the bad stucco.

How much does Choice Exteriors LLC charge for West Chester stucco remediation?

Stucco remediation, including new windows, new soffit, fascia, and gutters typically costs around $30 to $35 per square foot.

Full Stucco Remediatation in
West Chester, PA

If you have stucco siding that is aging or starting to deteriorate on your West Chester home, then you are probably aware of the potential water damage this can cause.

Not only that, but old stucco often hurts a home’s style and resale value.

With our complete remediation packages, you can have full peace of mind that your stucco is being replaced with quality siding designed for long-term beauty and resale value!

You can also view our other services including home exterior renovations, windows and doors, siding, roofing, exterior trim, decks & porches, and more!

Information courtesy of Choice Exteriors LLC, 110 Old Orchard Rd, Coatesville, PA 19320