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Are you looking to improve the style, beauty, and aesthetics of your home's exterior? Do you want to add style to the outside of your home?

With advanced exterior window and door trim, you can give your home the exterior style and beauty it deserves!

Exterior Trim That
Adds Amazing Beauty

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We use the best quality materials for the longest-lasting and best-performing exterior trim.

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We go the extra mile with flashing to ensure no water gets into your home.

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It’s simple: Adding exterior trim to your home increases the resale value of your house!

Exterior Trim
We Install

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Porches & Porticos

What Makes
Choice Exteriors LLC Different?

  • 6-year labor warranty on all our work
  • Prompt communication from day 1
  • Timely and clean work crews
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • We pass along all manufacturer’s warranties
Our team works hard to exceed expectations – not simply meet them!

“Choice Exteriors is an excellent option for any and all of your exterior projects. We recently had them install a portico and new front door. From the initial consultation/estimate, Matt was in constant communication with me.”


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Love having a new home exterior & outdoor space that brings beauty and value.

Exterior Trim FAQ's

What are common types of exterior house trim?

The most common brand of exterior house trim is PVC (Azek). If you prefer painting your trim we recommend BORAL trim. It looks identical to PVC trim when installed and finished. Fiber Cement (Hardi) trim is also a popular choice.

What materials are used for exterior trim?

PVC, BORAL, and Hardi are most often used for exterior trim.

What does exterior trim include?

The basics include corner trims and penetration blocks (such as wall sconces). It also can include window and door trim as well as frieze board trim and fascia trim.

What is exterior door trim?

Exterior trim is the banding that is on the perimeter of your door. Whether it’s brick mould or flat casing.

How do you trim exterior windows?

Our basic window trim includes a 3 ½” casing around the window. Many options can be added to the casing such as a crown, which goes on the top of the window trim, or a sill piece, which goes on the bottom of the window trim.

Can I paint exterior trim?

Yes, you can paint exterior trim. We don’t recommend painting dark colors on PVC trims because it creates extra expansion and contraction. BORAL trim expands and contracts very minimally. This is a good option if you want to paint your exterior trim.

Is PVC trim good for outdoor use?

PVC trim is the perfect trim for outdoor use. It does not rot or decay, nor does it fade in color. It is a very durable product that will last for ages.

How do you remove scratches from exterior plastic trim?

The best way to cover up a scratch on existing PVC trim is to lightly sand it or apply a filler over the scratch such as a bead of caulk. Here at Choice Exteriors, we will not install scratched trim, but replace it with another piece.

What types of exterior trim does Choice Exteriors install?

We are customer focused and will install any type of trim that you want to be installed. However, we find PVC trim to be the best. It adds integrity and long-lasting beauty to your home and property. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

How does Choice Exteriors fasten PVC exterior trim on a house?

We use screws and plugs to fasten PVC trim to a house. This eliminates all the holes that nails create. It looks much cleaner and basically eliminates expansion and contraction.

How much does Choice Exteriors charge to install or replace exterior trim?

To install trim on a window or door costs approx. $225 per window. Installing outside corner trim will cost approx. $260 per 18’ piece.

Exterior Trim Services in
Chester County, PA

Your home matches your family's style and taste, and it's important that you love every part of your home - both in the interior and exterior.

We offer quality exterior trim services so that you can have your home's exterior match the style, beauty, and customization of your interior.

Whether it's custom trim work around windows and doors, adding a custom portico to your home entrance, or installing a custom deck for your backyard, our exterior trim is sure to impress!